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Introducing A.I. Oscar, your virtual trading assistant who analyses market signals to offer you stock ideas! Below is a list of stocks generated by A.I. Oscar. Learn more about A.I. Oscar.

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  • 52 Week High:
  • 52 Week Low:
  • Next Earnings: --
  • Price/Earning Ratio:
  • Price/Book Ratio:
  • WTD:
  • MTD:
  • QTD:
  • YTD:
  • Div Yield (%):

Source: Refinitiv, AgrudTech

over the past 1 year

Source: AgrudTech

    how does a.i. oscar work?

    A.I. Oscar is born from the minds of OCBC Securities Trading Strategist. It has undergone meticulous training through an intricate deep-learning algorithm crafted by OCBC data scientists and benefited from the expertise of our Trading Strategist, who has more than 20 years of experience in the stock broking industry.

    A.I. Oscar consumes huge volume of market data daily to pick up market signals that could offer you personalised trading ideas. It studies your trading journey and behaviours on our platform as you trade with us.

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    OCBC Securities makes no representations as to the accuracy, timeliness or adequacy of all information provided in your personalised AI watchlist. Such information merely gives stock ideas and insights, and should not be construed as personal trading recommendations or financial advisory in any manner from OCBC Securities. It is important that you should carefully assess your trading objectives, financial situation and particular needs before making a commitment to trade any investment product. Where necessary, please seek advice from an independent financial advisor regarding the suitability of your investments.

    Past performance is not necessarily indicative of the future trends/performance.

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