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Futures - General

  • Customer Account Review (CAR) declaration (For Futures/Options)

  • Statement password configuration

  • Fund deposit and withdrawal

    Fund deposits

    For fund deposit, email the following information to and cc

    This will expedite processing and avoid unnecessary delay.  

    • Your trading account number to be credited
    • Deposit amount
    • Date of deposit
    • Cheque number (for cheque deposit)

    We accept these major currencies as deposit. Please check with us for any other currencies not listed here.

    By OCBC Internet Banking or ATM (Bill Payment or Local Bank Transfer) By Cheque By Telegraphic Transfer (TT)


    Fund withdrawal

    For fund withdrawal, please fill up this withdrawal form and email to us at and cc

    For same day withdrawal, please email the complete withdrawal form to us by 12pm.

    Administrative charges for fund transfers

    Cash or cheques Telegraphic Transfer
    No administrative charge Deposit
    US$10 per transaction as levied by the correspondence bank

    Minimum of US$40 per transaction or whichever is higher as levied by the correspondence bank

    Third-party remittance

    Third-party remittance is not allowed by default. Exceptions will be reviewed on case by case basis and subject to approval.

  • Acceptable collateral

    We accept collateral in the form of cash and Bank Guarantee (BG). However, BG is accepted for initial margin and maintenance margin only. It cannot be used to cover cash deficit. Cash collateral is required to cover any cash deficits. If the cash deficit is not covered in time, OCBC Securities reserves the right to use your collateral at any point in time to cover the cash deficit (even if the total equity is positive when supported by the value of the collateral).

    Any BG or Letter of Credit (LC) issued by a bank-customer itself or by a related bank of a customer for the purpose of margining their own trades are not accepted by Corporate Members. In addition, all BGs and LCs must be issued by banks that hold a valid license and operate in Singapore under the Banking Act, and the BGs and LCs must not be in a currency that is subjected to exchange control including any restriction on convertibility.
  • Currency conversion

    a) Deficit Balances

    We do not auto-convert your deficit currency. To do a conversion with other funds in your trading account, call us at 6438 1412 to obtain a quote of the conversion rate and confirm the conversion by 5pm on the same day if you are agreeable to the rate.

    Nevertheless, we reserve the right, without prior notification to you, to convert any of the funds to the relevant currency for the purpose of offsetting any deficit equity balance in your account.


    (b) Capital / Exchange control currencies

    You need to consider the capital control on the currencies as imposed by certain countries (eg. Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia etc) before you trade in these markets. OCBC Securities reserves the right to convert any of your funds in USD (or any other currencies) to the relevant currency and vice versa for the purpose of offsetting any deficit equity balance in the relevant currency, any realised losses and for meeting the margin requirements.

  • Interest charges

    Interest on surplus funds
    We do not pay interest on excess funds.

    Interest charged on deficit funds / currencies
    Debit balances carry interest at 2.0% above prime lending rate.
    The interest charge also applies to any funding of initial margin against your collateral.
    Each month’s accrued interest will be debited from your account within the first 3 business days of the following month.

    Interest charged on shortfall

    Notwithstanding a positive equity balance in your account, interest will be charged on any shortfall in the relevant currency of the open contract’s initial margin.

  • Trading Rules, Limitations, & Risks of Internet Trading

    Electronic trading systems are one of the trading avenues we offer to our valued clients. While we strive to make your trading as rewarding as possible, we would also like to take this opportunity to provide you with some information and guidance that are associated with e-trading. One important aspect to be aware of is certain trading practices that would possibly be deemed as offences under the Securities and Futures Act (“SFA” ) and Futures Trading Rules.

    You will appreciate that in order to make best use of the trading system it is necessary to have a good understanding of the various features and functionalities available. The “Price and Quantity setting” feature, for example, protects you from erroneously executing trades through the setting of parameters in the trading system. Do refer to the user guide we have sent to you to help you better understand the system. If you need assistance, feel free to call our helpdesk.
    Electronic trading relies heavily on hardware and connectivity. Having a good understanding of the characteristics, limitations and risks associated with such mode of trading will enable you to better manage certain situations that may arise. You may refer to Appendix 1 or the section on electronic trading in our agreement.
    You may wish to visit the various Exchanges’ website to familiarize yourself with the contracts specifications which offer crucial information pertaining to a contract, such as contract size, tick value and last trading day.

    Appendix 1

    Potential limitations and risks of on-line trading, which includes but not limited to the following:
    (a) possibility of delays in order transmission and confirmation of order execution, and what to do in case of such delays;
    (b) not being able to withdraw erroneous orders in time due to the speed of electronic trading; and
    (c) danger of unauthorised access to a Customer’s on-line account and non-compliance of recommended preventive security measures in relation to matters such as the protection of passwords and leaving an on-line screen unattended.
    (d) exposed to risks associated with systems including the failure of hardware and software, resulting in orders either not executed according to instructions or not executed at all.

  • Terms and Conditions Governing Futures Margin Options Trading and OTC Transactions

    Terms and Conditions Governing Futures Margin Options Trading and OTC Transactions